Your Life is Your Mission.

Practicing the way of Jesus by loving our neighbors and making disciples.

We are a sent-people, becoming more and more like Jesus everyday by spending time in the Word, in the Spirit, and in community with other followers. We don’t need to look for Jesus anywhere other than right where we are; we just turn over the life we are living¬†right now¬†to Him. If you feel like there’s something missing, and this sounds good, why don’t you come and see?

NRG Spring Hike

May 23 at Johnson Woods State Nature Preserve

Meet us at The Rock at 1PM and we will be back by 4:30PM.

Bring money for ice cream after the hike.

NRG (Middle School/grades 5-8)

Sundays 1-3PM at the Rock
A place and time to unwind, gather with friends, and learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

SENT (High School/ grades 9-12)

Wednesdays 6-8PM at the SpeakEasy
Space to learn, grow, and be. Come and see what it means to be a follower of Jesus by loving others, and living on mission.