Join us as we pray together about how to join Jesus on mission in 2022!

As we launch into this new year, we want to do so with our vision and mission directly in front of us. This prayer guide is designed to walk our church through four weeks of intentional prayer centered around our mission statement and what it means for us to live FOR4614.Each day, there is a guided prayer time with Scripture and devotional thoughts for you to use. There are also weekly table discussions so you can have intentional conversations with your family or friends about what we are learning and praying about.

On Thursday, February 10th, we will have a Prayer Summit to pray and discuss what God has been revealing to us through this process with the goal of setting intentional prayer focuses for our church for the remainder of the year. The Prayer Summit will beat 6:30PM at Speakeasy.

If you have any questions about how to use this guide, email Drew.