One Church Movement

Part of Something Bigger

ONE CHURCH MOVEMENT is a partnership of churches with the same mission.

Live Naturally Supernaturally

We are putting a focused effort into creating space at RiverTree Canal Fulton to hear from the Holy Spirit in our different spaces. We are intentionally carving out time during weekends, within our missional communities, and with our staff to hear from the Holy Spirit and live naturally supernatural.

Inspire Through Weekend Gatherings

We have made this value a serious priority at RiverTree Canal Fulton by hiring a worship leader, the first full-time worship leader in our campus’s history. In addition, we have a coaching plan for every person who speaks during the weekend gathering.

Invest in the Next Generation

This is incredibly important at Canal Fulton — so important that we are delaying our move into our new facility until it is great specifically for everyone under 18. In addition, part of our Campus Pastor’s role is to help lead student ministry – further indicating how highly we value investing in the next generation.

Develop and Send Out Leaders to Plant Churches

We have lived this out practically for the last couple of years. Having Corey Hunka as an apprentice at RiverTree Canal Fulton and then sending him to plant 3rd Street Community Church is a prime example of this value. We continued our connection by committing our Christmas Eve offering to 3rd Street Community Church.

Disciple Through Missional Communities

We have been learning and growing over the last 5 years and we will launch 2017 with five rebuilt, relaunched Missional Communities built around the core values of Person of Peace, Fresh Bread, Sharing Testimony, etc.

Ministry Partners

Linking arms together locally and globally.