FOR Your Neighbors


“God, where are you at work among the people I already know and how can I join you?”

God’s mission for us from the start was simple. It has been to be Good News where God has placed you in your neighborhood and through relationships. It is to be FOR our town and the people around us. And to pray for the opportunity to share the Great News of God’s Kingdom whenever its time.

That matters more now than ever. This time of being physically distanced doesn’t have to mean disconnected.

Learn more from Pastor Al in this video:

What does "FOR Your Neighbors" mean?

It’s the heart level reflection of how much God is “FOR” the people around you. He made them and died for them. He aches for a relationship with them. He wants to give them hope and life. “For Your Neighbors” is about cultivating that same heart in yourself and then doing something simple, but intentional, to join God where He’s already working. By the way, this is not just your physical neighbors, but that may be a great place to start.

Who is it for?  Who can participate?

Really anyone who is already following Jesus can do this. ANYONE. This is a simple way to start living out the Great Commission to “go.”. Just start with where you are and the people you already know. Then add some simple prayer and intentionality. We’ll help with resources along the way, too!

Why is this important right now? 

We’re at an incredible spot in history. Isolation and uncertainty have combined to make people open to thinking about life and God and eternity in unprecedented ways. But many of those people would never watch a service online or show up somewhere at a gathering. They’re aching for someone they already trust to be a window to God and the hope He has for them.

When does this start? When I have questions what do I do?

We’re going to focus in on the next 6 weeks from June 5 to July 15. Maybe put this on your calendar to talk about every week. You could start by looking at what you already have planned with other people and pray about those times.  Our team is here for you. Just email us and we’ll be happy to talk through ideas and help in any way we can.