The Way Through Exodus Reading Plan

One of our FOR4614 rhythms is to Learn Jesus, particularly through the practice of Scripture reading and prayer. Beginning October 17th, we will be exploring the story of the Exodus in our weekend sermon series The Way Through. This reading plan will take you all the way through the book of Exodus by Thanksgiving by reading a chapter or two a day.

If you’ve never read through an entire book of the Bible, it can be a little intimidating. That’s why we use a simple Bible-reading structure called Discovery Bible Study to help us read and apply the Scriptures well. It is a simple process, and can be used both on your own or in conversation with others.

●  Pray: Ask the Lord to speak to you through the Scriptures.
●  Read the passage of the day. Reading aloud helps if focus is an issue.
●  Answer the three DBS questions (on your own or together with someone else):

  •   What does this passage tell you about God?
  •   What does this passage tell you about people/yourself?
  •   How can you specifically live out what you find in this passage?

●  Pray: Ask the Lord to help you be faithful to what you find in this passage.

If you have questions about anything you are reading (and trust us – Exodus can raise plenty of questions), don’t hesitate to reach out by clicking the email link below. We pray this series and your reading of Exodus teach you to love Christ and the Scriptures more than ever before.